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The Statistics or Stats page is where a player can increase their attributes for their Fashionista or for their pet. They can also view their Statistics for events completed, showdowns won, showdowns lost, defeats, defeated divas, and not-hot divas defeated. Players can also view their Finances and check out an inventory of all the items that they have. Also, there is a comments section where you can choose to talk to your friends or talk trash to someone.

Attributes Edit

  • Style Strength - Style strength makes your possee more effective when attacking other fashionistas.
  • Attitude Power - Attitude power makes your posse more effective at defending in fights against rivals.
  • Maximum Energy - Increase your energy points to take on more event commitments.
  • Maximum Health - Increase your max health to better survive intense fights.
  • Maximum Stamina - Increase your stamina to fight more often. 2 upgrade points needed for increase!

Stats Edit

Finances Edit

Inventory Edit

Essentials Edit

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Properties Edit

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